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The Spirit of Todd lives on. Todd's widow Nina shared a story with me that I featured on The 8th Enigma Podcast.

The Forever Home

Nina, Todd, with their children purchased their forever home in Port Huron, Michigan. The home was going to be just that, a forever home. Soon after the purchase of the home Todd became ill and passed away unexpectedly with most of the plans for the home Todd and Nina had at that point, not been completed.

Nina, now a widow continued on with the plans to remodel the home. During the time of the remodel Nina began to witness strange things happening during the remodel. Contractors tools were relocated, turned on and off, and other occurrences with their tools where some of the things that the contractors were telling the family.

Nina also discovered incredibly creepy things were happening to her. Door handles shaking, lights tuning on and off, sounds of footsteps in the hallway, and unplugged working appliances are all enough to make you move out as fast as you moved it.

At the time the home was purchased, the family inherited all of the belongings of the previous owner, Bob, which also had passed away. Bob was described as an older man, hard worker that had built the house that he was proud of, which now this new young family was now moving into. Bob seems to have been overseeing the remodel, or giving a helping hand.

You're Mine

The time for Nina to date was inevitable, and that time had arrived where Nina felt comfortable enough to begin dating and she had met a man that she had taken a liking to that she had been dating for some time. August 11, 2019 was the night. We will refer to the man as Clark Kent, details for the alias is not important, I mean who wouldn't want to be referred to as Clark Kent?

That August 11th night was when Clark Kent and Nina sealed the deal. They verbalized their relationship, and the time had finally come where their sexual chemistry unfolded. The sex between Nina and Clark Kent is not the focus here. It's more what followed.

What happened next blew my mind. Clark Kent leaves The Brandenburg Estate, as Nina described the the scene, she got ready for bed as she typically does, and gets into bed. She's alone, or she thought she was. Nina felt a presence get into bed with her and cuddle her. She instantly knew it was her husband Todd. She felt his presence and she instantly knew.

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