The Hat Man

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Her Name is Leah, and the first time she seen the Hat Man she was about 10 years old in her home located in Riverview, Michigan. Leah had told me the story a few times prior to recording, and each time the memories came back she become more emotional and the details about the story became a little less descriptive. I sensed her feelings of fear and anxiety running through her body, so naturally I was hesitant in asking her to be a little more descriptive as she was during the previous conversation.

When Leah was in middle school, things became more intense for her, and it hasn’t gotten any better since. This is when the dark figure of a man, as featureless as the shadows that surrounded him and where he stood first showed himself. He was tall, broad shoulders, with red dot eyes. He wore a hat and a trench coat. He didn’t say a word, he just stared. The fear absorbed Leah and she described it as being in a trance, just staring at him, mute and frozen.

The above is what Leah had sketched at 8 years old to describe to her family what she had seen.

The Top Hat Man has been visiting Leah regularly, Leah has mentioned that when he does visit, she sees him and then transforms it into visions and it’s always in an empty room, she does not know why or what the empty room signifies. The Top Hat Man has also followed her outside of her home and friends and her family have also witnessed the Top Hat Man. This has ruled out that it’s just in Leah’s head, there are other accounts of the man surrounding Leah’s presence.

After I talked to Leah, I started doing some research about this figure and was startled with how many people are having the same encounters with the Hat Man. After reading articles, Leah’s claims I have found there is a global anthology of Hat Man stories, and they have grown over the years. The shape of the frightening figure occasionally varies, but the way he makes his victims feel utterly paralyzed with terror, and breathless, as if fear had frozen them from the inside out.

These are pictures sent to me by Leah of where she last seen the Hat Man staring at her. The picture on the right she stated that the Hat Man was in the doorway, and the picture below the Hat Man was at doorway at the bottom of the stairs.

The Hat Man has been the subject of documentaries and seems to have inspired one of the more chilling ghosts in the Netflix horror show The Haunting of Hill House. Otherwise, sober-minded people report having woken from their dreams to see the figure. Some dismiss him as a bad dream or a neurological quirk; others feel in his presence something much more sinister.

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