The Packard Plant, Detroit Michigan

The Facts, which I pretty much got from Wikipedia if i have to be honest. The Packard Automotive Plant is a former automobile-manufacturing factory in Detroit, Michigan, where luxury cars were made by the Packard Motor Car Company and later by the Studebaker - Packard Corporation.

In the 1990s, the buildings were used to host infamous underground" raves and techno parties, including the Spastik party hosted by Richie Hawtin. Scenes from Transformers have also been filmed on the Packard Grounds".

History of The Packard Plant

The Packard plant opened its doors in 1903 and at the time was considered the most modern automobile manufacturing facility in the country, if not the world. At its peak the complex employed roughly 40,000 of all trades. During World War II production was shifted to manufacture plane engines for the P-51 Mustang fighter plane. The 3,500,000-square-foot abandoned plant is located on 40 acres on East Grand Boulevard on the city's east side.

After a few failed attempts to purchase the property in a Wayne County tax sale by investors, the property was finally purchased by a Spanish investor, Fernando Palazuelo. The Packard Plant was purchased for $405,000 on December 12, 2013, which was a massive decrease in winning bid from $6 Million, down to a second winning bid of $2 million and finally the winning bid and now owner, Fernando Palazuelo.

On Location at The Packard Plant

At first glance this is a graffiti artists dream, as are most abandoned buildings in Detroit. There is some pretty cool graffiti art on this one as well. My first run to shoot The Packard plant was a botched attempt on my part. I first visited the plant in the middle of the year in 2018. I had taken some really good shots of the iconic Packard bridge over Grand Boulevard, when I could get back to visit and reshoot the plant in the middle of 2019, the bridge had collapsed. Damnit!

Inside the Packard Plant

There are mixed reports about the plant being haunted. I did feel strange energy from it as I walked down the fence line, but nothing to make me run off. After further exploring the perimeter I found a cut in the fence and took a chance exploring inside. The feel was unreal. The sounds were creepy. Just the entire feel of being inside the Plant was just uneasy. Not more than five minutes into my journey I was spotted by security and asked to vacate the property, and from the feelings I had, I didn't mind.

On my way out I had an interesting conversation with the security guard. I asked him a few questions regarding reports on if the Plant was haunted or if he had witnessed any paranormal activity. He instantly gave me a look and dismissed my question. He stated that he did not believe in hauntings or paranormal activity. He did follow it with a BUT..

In his BUT he stated that dead bodies have "appeared" in the Plant out of nowhere. Nobody knows how they got there. He also mentioned that there also have been bodies found that have been obviously shot and others that seem to have fallen off the upper levels of the Plant into the center floor.

What to know if you're going to explore The Packard Plant

Keep your guard up when exploring at The Packard Plant. Know that the plant is fully fenced off and there is on site security guarding the property and the structure of the plant at its current state is questionable. I wouldn't advise attempting to trespass on any part of the property. The building is deteriorating, and it's not in the greatest part of town. If you do decide to trespass, but cautious of the debris and the building itself. Parts of the building are ready to collapse at any moment.

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